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Holden's Hide-A-Way Farm is a diversified farm that produces a wide variety of meat product, in much of the same manner as a farmer would have 100 years ago. Our ideas on how to raise livestock come directly from mother nature. We raise grass fed beef and lamb because that is what mother nature intended. Our pigs are free to root and roam through out the warm seasons. Winters are spent in a barn with ample space and lots of hay to eat and root around in. Poultry is raised on pasture where they get lots of fresh air and can do the things poultry likes to do.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Summers passing us by

July flew past us between haying, gardening and our unexpected trip to Sick Kids with Allison. Allison is doing great and is pretty much back to normal. She is still taking it easy just to make sure. Another event that took place during the last month was a confrontation with the Nipissing Forest Resource Management. Many people have called, emailed and even showed up at the farmers market to express their support. We received a letter stating that the NFRM would be aerial spraying herbicides in an area close to our farm. They spray the chemicals to kill all broad leaf plants, giving coniferous trees such as spruce and pine an advantage. As you can imagine the letter did not impress me and really upset Lynn. In response to the letter I sent an email to NFRM, our MPP, The Green Party, and the Nipissing News. My letter basically expressed my concerns including the concern that our government is pouring known carcinogens into our forests. Our MPPs office was very helpful, so was the Nipissing News, who published my letter. They also wrote their own article after interviewing me. The result is that the NFRM will no longer be spraying with helecopters. Instead they will use skidders. A skidder is a large tractor that is used for hauling logs out of the bush to a landing site. I made sure to express in my interview that I am not against logging. In fact done properly I think it is sustainable industry. My major concern is the spraying of toxic chemicals into our environment. The main chemical used is called Virox Max. Virox Max is basically the same as Round up. If fact they are manufactured by the same company, Monsanto. Yes the psychopathic company Monsanto. Producer of PCB, Agent Orange, synthetic bovine growth hormones and most genetically modified plants. I did not know much about Virox Max, I do now, but I do know a bit about Roundup. My personal opinion is that Round up is a dangerous chemical for a variety of reasons. First of all the health hazards. Monsanto would have us believe it is perfectly safe. However independent studies are proving otherwise. I won't go into great detail but glyphosate affects hormone production. Messing with hormones can cause a variety of disease, not the least of which is cancer. Monsanto has already been convicted twice of falsifying results of an "independent" study. I found it ironic that even after the convictions Canada did not do any testing of these products. They rely on independent studies paid for by the producing company. Glyphosate is extremely deadly to frogs and amphibians, which in turn are food for a large variety of wildlife. The use af glyphosate in the forest destroys the natural habitat and food supply for moose, bear, deer, rabbit and a variety of other animals. It also causes mono cultures of coniferous trees. We all saw what that can do this summer with the forest fires in Northern Ontario. Coniferous trees are far more flammable than deciduous tree. Mono cultures can also be devastated by disease. We are all ready seeing this problem with the red and white pine trees.