Welcome to our Holden's Hide a way farm

Holden's Hide-A-Way Farm is a diversified farm that produces a wide variety of meat product, in much of the same manner as a farmer would have 100 years ago. Our ideas on how to raise livestock come directly from mother nature. We raise grass fed beef and lamb because that is what mother nature intended. Our pigs are free to root and roam through out the warm seasons. Winters are spent in a barn with ample space and lots of hay to eat and root around in. Poultry is raised on pasture where they get lots of fresh air and can do the things poultry likes to do.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Letting sleeping horses lye

Beauty is enjoying the break in the cold weather. Lynn and Christina saw her down from the house and thought the worst. However after running out to check on her they found she was simply sleeping. If fact Lynn said she was so soundly asleep she was snoring (and passing gas, she is a lady). Christina had time to run back to the house for the camera. Beauty kept sleeping until the cattle ate her bed from under her.

A reminder for everyone that we will be at the seed exchange on Saturday the 23rd, at St. Andrews church. Doors open at 1:00pm and close at 4:00pm.
On Sunday we will be having our organic vegetable and bio-dynamic farming information session. We will be taking about and comparing our natural farming methods with conventional farming methods, including the controversial GMO vegetables and animals. All aspects of the farm will be discussed with special attention paid to our organic vegetable CSA program and buying clubs.